Lessons learned – final blog post

First I’d like to start of with talking about how detailed creating a website would be. The ability to research and gain the knowledge to build one was challenging for me since I had no prior experience. I am a hands on learner so I do believe that if I took this class in a physical classroom and had hands on assistance I would probably be building websites with ease. The skills that I will take with me are the interactive maps and charts we created. This was very enlightening for me and was a lot easier than I expected. I know that I was not the best at keeping up with updating my webpage but the research aspect to my project was surprisingly hard since the location I chose happened prior to the news being available on the internet so my sources was supported by very limited news articles that I could find. Overall, I wish that I could have taken this class physically because I believe there are certain skills and experiences from my classmates that I could have benefited from. I tend to stick to the basics instead of being creative so my website ended up being very dull and not really unique. The final point I want to highlight are not just the skills I learned but the educational point of view of how data collection affects us in our everyday lives without even knowing it. This has allowed me to be more hyper aware of the data I put out.

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